Operations Log - entry 2

by Uni Acala

Ubiquitous Wayfarer – 3 story tavern/inn. Believed to be a dozen portals in it. Known portal – Lady’s Ward and ?. Owner is Riaen. Hulester inside. Wants to talk with Riaen, offered to give us info if we could introduce them. Z’el is performing a song to introduce Hulester and Riaen. Ergot and Z’el spell Riaen at the bar so she can talk. They chat, then she goes back to the bar. He is happy. Has knowledge of Ghear, has 20 guards with him in guardhouse next to church. H was working w/ Athar, folks disappeared after going in church. Workmen sent to demolish the church, never seen from again. Rillern Poststaff – she convinced head of factions (15 of them, like local govt) – Factal Terrance (Godless, the Lost). Convinced him about ?.

Riddle in tavern – 5 unit and 3 unit, want 4 units. Pour form 5 into 3, have 2 left over. Empty 3, put 2 in there. Fill the 5, pour from it into 3 until it’s full (1 unit worth), leaving 4 in the 5 unit container.

Phol (from the neighborhood, Freeleague). Helped him solve riddle. Says that church is old, but recently a lot of activity. Athar trying to keep everyone out. Signers are trying to get in. A small group was overheard talking about a plan to sneak in, past that Athars. Elchiss (elven) was part of the group. Might find her at Signers HQ (Hall of Speakers).

Rhiann mentions delivering food to the guards at the church, the group offers to take it over for her. Several baskets to take over (bread, cheese, cured meats). 24 or thereabouts. Church on Arbor road, near the corner. One wall partially demolished. 2 guards out front. Empty lot next door. Talk to guards to deliver food, they say to take next door.

Church is not for any active religion. Not worshipped in centuries, possibly millennia. Go next door, pretty dark. Knock, and door opens up. Athar soldiers grab baskets, we ask for a signature from Ghear. Young man (late 20s) opens the door, dressed as a priest of the Great Unknown (part of Athars?). Group plans to poison the next food shipment. Go to an apothecary named Bones of the Night. High Ward.

On the way – see a squad of the Harmonium patrolling (6 of them). Hear nonsensical shouting in Common from a group ahead. “Death, destruction, and the end of all times”. Man has an odd looking staff, and dressed in tattered leather strips. Shouting about the church, and what doom will come from it. Knows a back way in, there are 3 guards but they don’t bother him. Says that if we pretend to be him and pretend to not go inside, they won’t bother. Kank is the guy’s name. Hole in the wall we can crawl through.

At shop. Maruskul – raspy voice. Sells the group some poison – Torpor. Too expensive though, so group decides to try Kank’s Hole first. On way down the alley towards the church, not close to the church yet, Uni notices groups with weapons drawn in multiple alleyways. Ed casts a spell of Darkness in the street to hide the group’s doings.



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