Operations Log - entry 3

by Uni Acala

Battle in the alley way over (found some $, pink powder, ring, and a diary), the group searches for a nearby inn to rest up inside. Green Mill tavern close by, has elvish motif. Or Black Sails, a converted ship made into a tavern.

Ed finishes studying the diary found on the corpse of his new zombie Fauntleroy, but finds nothing of interest. Groups rests up, then goes back to the guardhouse. Uni stealths close to the guards, finds 3 outside. Ergot drops a earth elemental, which proceeds to destroy the outer wall of the guardhouse.

At guardhouse in morning to deliver breakfast, the group takes advantage of a distracted Ghear (who is dealing with the aftermath). They take the food directly into the abandoned house where the guards are now quartered. 18 guards, mostly fighter types. Recon achieved, the group heads back to HQ to rest up after a long evening leading to morning.

At HQ, Ergot gives Ed a scroll to learn. They also work on job postings for hirelings.

Next, headed to Maruskul’s poison shop. Ergot is selling poison from his Staff of the Adder for store credit. Still too pricey to buy poison to take out all guards.

Phol gave us some leads:

  • Elchiss at Hall of Speakers (Signer HQ)
  • Hall of Information – publicly accessible knowledge

At Hall of Records in Clerk’s Ward. Waiting in line. Finally make it up, Ergot greases the wheel to make things happen. Clerk comes back with owner Cruigh Manathas, owned for many years. Was inherited. Gives Cruigh’s address. Ed has heard of him – wealthy landowner, been buying up land and demolishing buildings to build something, likes talking (been telling stories about disappearances). Athar blockading the church has been holding up construction.



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