Operations Log - entry 4

by Uni Acala

Elchiss (elf of the SIgn of One faction), trying to sneak into the church. Haven’t met yet, but is planning a raid within the week. We go to talk with her.

Cruigh’s house in Lady’s Ward, so we go to see Elchiss first.

At Hall of Speakers. Scribes outside offering services. Meeting rooms available for rent. Speakers on all topics. Z’el shouts out for Elchiss, the crowd stops to look. Someone with an official badge stops by and asks if he can help us. Guides us to Elchiss’ office. Various attempts to elicit information are unsuccessful. Alek uses a persuasive voice to attempt to get her to meet us at the Styx Oarsmen. Doesn’t work. Z’el casts Detect Thoughts – Elchiss is thinking: “I need to get them out of my office, and warn Mhavor.”  (in charge of Way of One)

Z’el name drops Mhavor, and Elchiss gets nervous. She says “Not here. If you know him, you know how to get in touch with him.” She is going to meet him tonight. Thinks they may need to advance their schedule because we are going in before them. Mhavor’s house is in the Clerk’s Ward. He is retired.

Annah, Alek, and Uni stealthily listen outside Mahvor’s house, while Ergot’s pelican and Z’el listen from above. Elchiss approaches. Mahvor answers, and brings Elchiss inside. Elchiss recaps the earlier conversation to Mahvor. She recommends sending the half-elf assassin Gremith Mi to “take care of us”. Listening to the meeting, the Signers believe there is a dead god in the church. The leader of the Will of One (water Genasi named Prissine) thinks they should confront and bring back the dead god- Aoskar. Mahvor thinks it’s too dangerous – wants to investigate more, or stop Prissine from getting access.

Someone else was asking at the Hall of Records about the church, named Lari.

Everyone leaves except for Mahvor and a messenger. Z’el breaks into the house as Mahvor hands a message over. Mahvor is scared, and tried denying he planned for Gremith to kill us. Alek and Ergot manage to convince Mahvor that we should be allied. New message sent out to Elchiss “Unexpected allies, please visit my home again to discuss new plans.” Elchiss shows up, and we discuss what has been reconned so far.

We plan to have their group create a distraction, and our group will utilize that. We’ll be going through the back entrance, that we haven’t told Elchiss about yet.



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