Operations Log - entry 5

by Uni Acala

Planning the raid with Elchiss – figuring out a date/time. Elchiss will fight with us, along with 5 others. They will create the distraction.

Group discusses abilities for use during battle so everyone is familiar with the battle plan. Distraction is planned for front of church, while group sneaks in a back alley behind the church.

Unit stealths into the alley to determine the guard patrol pattern. It goes down each of the alleys alongside the church, ending at the junction point for 10 minutes. Once they begin patrolling, we have a 5 minute window to enter the back of the church. Ergot conjures 4 sprites to help. Ergot’s pelican gives the signal to create the distraction. 2 guards came out of the abandoned house to investigate, and join the 3 on patrol. The group all dip inside the back entrance that Cank told us about, and find themselves in a smallish closet. Z’el cats Light on a stone to provide visibility. The interior of the church is in disrepair, with crumbling stone walls and what appears to be decorative fixtures stripped of anything valuable.

There are 5 stones embedded in the walls that appear to stand out from the rest of the church. Uni stays on watch while the rest of the group touches the stones simultaneously. They feel cold but nothing happens. Z’el searches a pile of rags, finding various things. A cranium rat also darts out from the pile. Z’el is bitten trying to grasp after it. We try pushing the stone, and then singing to it. Punching it and casting a spell on it also have no effect. The group leaves the church, back out the hole we entered from.

"Halt!” is heard as soon as Alek leaves the church. Some of the guards on patrol have seen him. 2 guards and a mage are down the alley besides the abandoned house that the guards are housed in. Uni initiates with a Burning Hands attack, followed by Annah’s longbow and Z’el’s dive bomb attack. Alek casts Firebolt with a light crossbow chaser, while Ergot tells the sprites to attack. He then flies 30 ft. up above the fray. Ergot sees the remaining guards dealing with those that caused the distraction, then casts Firebolt from on high. We hear shouting from the guardhouse, and 4 guards run out. Elchiss makes a hasty retreat. Uni knocks two of them out at once, and runs after Elchiss. The rest of the group follows. We decide to go back to base to come up with a new plan. Elchiss peels off before that to collect the wagon crew.

Up next: Talk to Cruigh? Lari (githzerai)? Mahvor?



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