Radagast Street Irregulars Operations Log - Entry 1

by Annah-of-the-Shadows

(Starting a new operations log, after the last one was "accidentally" destroyed. Trying to seem respectable-like.)

A messenger came to our headquarters, in the Hive Ward, with a note from someone named C.M. interested in hiring us. Berk messenger tried to pick Uni's pocket! 

We went to meet this C.M. at their case in the Clerk's Ward. We were a bit peery but she turned out to be a nervous, bookish human named Charlott. Seemed harmless enough. She promised us jink if we can find out, within a week, the dark of some conflict brewing between The Lost and the Signers. She suggested we talk to a basher named Hulester at the Ubiquitous Wayfarer in the Lower Ward.



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