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  • Ubiquitous Wayfarer

    Three story tavern on Ironmonger Street in the [[Lower Ward]], operated by [[:riaen-blackhome | Riaen Blackhome]].

    Said to contain more than two dozen portals, to [[Prime]] worlds and [[Outer Planes]], as well as permanent doors to the [[ …

  • Sigil

    Also called the Cage or the City of Doors.

    Controlled by the [[Lady of Pain]].

    Divided into wards:

    [[the-ladys-ward|The Lady's Ward]]

    [[clerks-ward|Clerk's Ward]]

    [[Guildhall and Market Wards …

  • Planescape cosmology




    [[Outer Planes]]

    [[Astral Plane]]


    [[Prime Material Plane]] (Athas, Abeir-Toril, Krynn, Oerth, wildspace)


    [[Inner Planes]] ( …

  • Hive Ward

    hive of scum and villainy in [[Sigil]], between the [[Lower Ward]] and the [[clerks-ward|Clerk's Ward]]

    location of the [[Radagast Street Irregulars]].

    [[alleshas-pantry|Allesha's Pantry]]

    [[Bottle and Jug]]

  • Lower Ward

    The industrial area of [[Sigil]] is full of smoke and smog from countless foundries and smokestacks, and the many rumored portals to the [[Lower Planes]] which give the ward its name. It is bounded by [[the-ladys-ward|The Lady's Ward]] and the [[ …

  • Outer Planes

    There are 16 total, which can be grouped into several categories: [[Upper Planes]] and [[Lower Planes]], split by alignment with good or evil; or [[Planes of Law]], [[Planes of Chaos]], and [[Planes of Conflict]] (neutral). Each of these planes are …

  • Upper Planes



    the [[Beastlands]]



    [[Mount Celestia]]


  • Lower Planes

    [[The Abyss]]





    the [[Gray Waste]]


  • Outlands


    [[Tir Na Og]]

    [[The Norns]]

    Sheela Peryroyl's realm

    [[The Dwarven Mountain]]

    Semuanya's Bog

    Gzemnid's realm

    [[The Palace of Judgement]]

    Tvashtri's …

  • Bones of the Night

    An underground repository of knowledge from the dead. Located near [[the Ditch]] in the [[Lower Ward]], it is operated by [[Lothar the Old]].

  • Maruskul's

    a secret poison shop behind an unmarked door in a bad section of the [[Lower Ward]]. It is owned by an elven woman named [[:maruskul|Maruskul]]. The shop smells unpleasant and there is a constant haze in the air, somehow worse than the air …

  • Slags

    The most miserable section of the Hive Ward, an endless expanse of gray ash, raw sewage, and smoldering debris, rocked by continual earthquakes. Streets strewn with bones wind past mountains of bricks and rubble. Rats nest in tangles of razorvine. …

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